13-Story Plunge Fatal to Veteran – 1944

In 1944, a person leaped to his death from the top floor of 724 S. Spring Street. The Times made no mention of it and the Los Angeles Public Library photo information vaguely implies the person might have survived the fall.

Intrigued by the apparent lack of info, I looked elsewhere to see if I could find more details about the incident. Sadly, here is what I found…

Newsflash from the Past:

13-Story Plunge Fatal to Veteran

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 15, 1944 (U.P.) — Vernon T. Pickett, 29, discharged veteran, died last night of injuries he suffered earlier when he reportedly leaped from a 13-story window of a Los Angeles employment agency after he was refused an interview.

An agency employee told police Pickett, who held a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering, had applied for a technical engineering job. The interviewer was unable to see him and the receptionist had asked him to return Monday morning.

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