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Abbott and Costello – Photos and Quotes

Abbott and Costello

“Lou Costello? That roly-poly fat boy? Why, he’s such an out-and-out liar he doesn’t even believe himself! I admit he’s a tough guy. In fact, he’s so tough even his meals are afraid to disagree with him.”Bud Abbott

“Bud Abbott? Listen….Abbott wouldn’t even give a beggar a bite if he owned Sandwich Islands! His favorite household pet is the moth because it eats nothing but holes!”Lou Costello

Source: Hugh Roberts (1941)
Photo: 1946



Abbott and Costello Comic Book

A comic book from 1948.




Abbott and Costello

“I went to shake his hand, his hand was gone, I looked up to speak to him, his head was gone. Then he took off his shirt, his body was gone, he took off his pants, his legs were gone! Then he spoke to me, I was gone.” – line from Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951).





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