Carmel Myers – photos and quotes

Carmel Myers

“I started out playing bad ladies, they called them vamps in those days.”Carmel Myers

Source: Kevin Thomas (1975)


Carmel Myers


Carmel Myers


Carmel Myers“Why, Mr. Goldfish, if my career depends on hiding the fact that I was born a Jew, I’d rather not have one.”Carmel Myers‘ response to Samuel Goldwyn (real name Goldfish) after he suggested that she change her name because it sounded “too Jewish.”

Source: Kevin Thomas (1975)


Carmel Myers


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Carmel Myers


The Wife He Bought Carmel Myers 1918

The Wife He Bought (1918)


Broadway Scandal Movie Poster

A Broadway Scandal (1918), a lost film.


Carmel Myers in 1919 (Bizarre Los Angeles)


Carmel Myers

“When I had been working in D.W. Griffith’s pictures for only six months I was made a star by Universal. I would not do that again if I could try once more. I was too young and inexperienced to justify stardom and a more gradual rise would have been better for me.”Carmel Myers


Slave of Desire Carmel Myers 1923

Slave of Desire (1923)


Carmel Myers in 1923 (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“They made me too much of a type. Always Italian, Russian – odd characters. I couldn’t act well enough to put them over – and they wouldn’t let me dress up. I knew I could win my way back if they’d let me resort to fine feathers to help ‘carry’ me….I’ve been sort of a demi-vamp – a female sinful but subtle; human, not overexaggerated, as the sirens usually are.” — Carmel Myers in 1924.



Carmel Myers

“The only thing that really counts is your work, your ambition to get to the top. There’s too much silly nonsense about our acting and our lives anyway; it creates a false illusion. I can’t be something I’m not; I won’t try to be. I’m going to make something of this Carmel Myers person that is me, or I’ll quit.”Carmel Myers in 1924.


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Carmel Myers Vamp

“Surely I belong to a more subtle school than that of Theda Bara! We don’t vamp any longer. We allure. For a while I thought that ‘siren’ might be a substitute, but that, too, has a cheap sound.”Carmel Myers

Source: W. Adolphe Roberts (1925)

Photo: Ruth Harriet Louise (1925)



Director Fred Noblo and Carmel Myers on the set of Ben-Hur (1925). Bizarre Los Angeles

With director Fred Niblo on the set of Ben-Hur (1925)


“You can’t hope to get away with a heaving-breasted, long-looking vampire today, unless you just play one and spring nimbly to something different. But you can do any number of parts wherein you are a woman with a hiatus in her life, if you ultimately do something noble. Should a woman who has missed her way end by sacrificing herself, the public will forgive her better than the ninety and nine straight-marching ladies.” — Carmel Myers

Source: Alice L. Tildseley (1926)


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Carmel Myers with a puppy. (Bizarre Los Angeles)


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Carmel Myers Husband

The following is a poem F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote to Carmel Myers and her attorney husband, Ralph Blum, in 1937. Fitzgerald was apparently inspired after attending a Hollywood party.

Lines on reading though an autograph album

Carmel and Ralph – (Four grand guys) – 
Paid plenty soup for these sweet lies poured
plenty gin to make this collection
Cut plenty coke to win this “affection”
Lots of these “darlings,” lots of these “dears”
Foamed from the tops of costly beers
How many men who shook hands like fishes
Winked when they set down tese [sic] lovely wishes?
Minds clearly vacant – thoughts quite alarming
Watch these – see their elbows bend,
Fill ‘em up again and they call you friend.

There’s just one who is writing here
Thanks your a lucky lad and lass
(hey, gal, please fill up that glass)
Pages sad with remembered dead
Who have drunk your wine and broken your bread
Sign right here, boys, please don’t shove
“Sweetest people” love – Love – LOVE
But they couldn’t very well all be liars
So there must be something about these Myers
Oh! What a jaux pas! Sure am dumb
What was that name now? Bloom or Blum?

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