LAX – Los Angles International Airport photos

1964 LAX Theme Building

Above: The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Theme Building.


Theme building construction

The Theme Building under construction at LAX in 1961. Its design was originally drafted by James Langenheim, of Pereira & Luckman.


LAX Theme Building

 Major construction underway on the Theme Building in 1961. (Photographer: Jon Woods / LAPL 00108871)


LAX Sunset 1961

Sunset at LAX.


LAX 1963A night view, c. 1963.


1964 los angeles airport lax

Taken in 1964.


LAX Theme Building 1965

A man spends six hours cleaning the Theme Building in 1965. He’s in a bucket suspended from a crane. (Tom Kravitz/ LAPL 00108884)


1966 row of taxi cabs los angeles international airport

Curbside taxi service in 1966.


Theme Building LAX 1971

Leaving on a jet plane in 1971.

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  1. Hello,
    Do you know the purpose of the two rows of barrel-vault roofed buildings in the above photo?

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