1955 Los Angeles Police Facilities Building

Los Angeles Police Facilities Building/Parker Center (aka”The Glass House”) – 1955

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A hallway inside the Los Angeles Police Facilities Building (aka”The Glass House,” aka Parker Center), located on the corner of 1st and Los Angeles Street, in 1955.

The building itself was designed by Welton Becket. Looking at the picture, there are perforated Fenestra panels on the left, which were used as restraining barriers in the jail section. Prisoners could look through the panels to see outside; however, the panels made it practically impossible for people on the outside to see into the building.

When the building opened, the police department began conducting tours, and in 1966, it was renamed Parker Center, in memory of William H. Parker, who served as Chief of Police during the construction.

Over the years, Parker Center appeared in numerous television cop/lawyer shows, such as Dragnet, Perry Mason and Hunter; it also was the scene of an early demonstration during the Rodney King trial; however, over time, the building was considered dated and a newer police facilities building was constructed in 2009 to take Parker Center’s place.

On January 15, 2013, Parker Center officially closed and an Environmental Impact Report was in the works, which will no doubt play a key role in determining the building’s fate (if it hasn’t already).


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