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Luise Rainer – Photos and Quotes

Luise Rainer

“Hollywood is apt to make one lose perspective on life. It takes a steady hand to keep your sense of balance – you’ve got to use four-wheeled brakes on yourself. Otherwise, you can easily wreck your career.”Luise Rainer

Source: Marie Canel (1935)
Photographer: C.S. Bull (1935)


Louise Rainer

“All my photographs flatter me. I know, because I have been looking into my mirror for twenty-three years!”Luise Rainer

Source: Dena Reed (1935)
Photographer: Ted Allen


Luise Rainer

“I was very young. There were a lot of things I was unprepared for. I was too honest, I talked serious instead of with my eyelashes and Hollywood thought I was cuckoo. I worked in seven big pictures in three years. I have to be inspired to give a good performance. I complained to a studio executive that the source was dried up. The executive told me, ‘Why worry about the source. Let the director worry about that.’ I didn’t run away from anybody in Hollywood. I ran away from myself.”Luise Rainer

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