Marilyn Miller – photos and quotes

Marilyn Miller 1929

“I will not show my legs when it is perfectly obvious that the only reason I am doing so is to attract attention. If I am being photographed in a ballet or dancing costume, that is different. People expect to see your legs then and it would be very funny if you attempted to cover them. But to pull my skirts way up when I am wearing an ordinary dress just to satisfy some photographer or a sex-crazed public is a thing I won’t even consider.”Marilyn Miller in 1929.


Marilyn Miller Jack Pickford

Newlyweds Jack Pickford (brother of Mary Pickford) and Marilyn Miller (Broadway star and former Ziefgield girl). They married in 1922 and divorced by 1927. He was allegedly abusive.


Marilyn Miller

“I’m not an emotional actress. Everybody knows that I know it, too. First and foremost, I am a singer and dancer and a romantic comedienne.”Marilyn Miller

Source: Mitchell Rawson (1930)


Marilyn Miller

“When rich men come wooing, it’s with diamonds and sables and motor cars. They think of love in terms of riches, with their gold they would buy a girl’s heart. They never realize, the stupid things, that that’s not what we want.”Marilyn Miller


Marilyn Miller (Bizarre Los Angeles)



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