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“I was born in Corsicana [TX]. I don’t suppose anyone ever heard of it, but soon afterward we moved to Dallas and I went to school and high school there…They made so much fun of my dialect when I started in pictures, I got rid of it. Mr. Brenon [a movie director she frequently worked with] used to say, ‘Are you never going to learn to speak English?’ and I cried about it.” Mary Brian, who went from obscurity to fame after playing Wendy in the 1924 silent film version of Peter Pan.

Source: George C. Warren (1926)
Photo: Charles Sheldon

Mary Brian (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“I learned much in a year of the mechanics of movies – makeup and the like. And I think I have absorbed a goodly amount of direction since the day when I first appeared on a set, clad in a nightgown – for it was bedtime for the Darling children in ‘Peter Pan’ – and yet, though I have played in several pictures, I feel I am still just a beginner. I learn something every day and hope to keep on learning. Picture work is not all honey – there is a bit of vinegar, too. There are heartbreaking moments, but I have yet to hear a director complain if you are doing your best, and at least trying hard. A girl in pictures might take a leaf from the book of a famous football team, which reads: ‘A game that won’t be beat, can’t be beat.'”Mary Brian

Photo: Charles Sheldon

"No, I don't smoke or drink - really and truly. I have such a good time without it." -- Mary Brian (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“No, I don’t smoke or drink – really and truly. I have such a good time without it.”Mary Brian

Source: Dixie Tighe (1929)

Photo: Charles Sheldon

Mary Brian
Mary Brian

“I was the ingenue so long, it’s like getting out of a rut to have fine roles. It’s a tonic. Some day I hope to be a star.”Mary Brian

Source: 1930

Mary Brian

“They wanted me to be younger. Then, the minute they put me in more leading roles, they wanted me to be older.”Mary Brian. She later said that her age was “negotiable.”

Shadows of Sing Sing 1933

Shadows of Sing Sing (1933). With Bruce Cabot.

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