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Ruth Chatterton – 1930s Movie Star

Ruth Chatterton script

“I do not disapprove of that type of art [scantily clad pinup style photos] but I realize that those who are called my fans do not think of me in connection with such pictures so I do not pose for them. I have gained a reputation as a dramatic actress and have been associated with the plays of such men as James M. Barrie. Nobody could connect Barrie and legs – they just don’t go together. To me acting is more than creating sex appeal anyway.”Ruth Chatterton

Quote: 1929

Photo: 1930s


Ruth Chatterton

“The greatest enemy of any art is the censor. Certainly the censor is the worst enemy of the motion pictures. The arts, including the dramatic, are not intended primarily for children. Censor the children, if you like, but not the pictures.”Ruth Chatterton

Source: Jessie Henderson (1930)


Ruth Chatterton oil painting

“Portrait of Ruth Chatterton.” Artist: Arthur Trevor Haddon. Oil. 30.5″ (h) x 24.5″ (w).

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