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Joan Blondell Blonde Crazy 1931

“So I moved out in the hills. But the last time I got a ticket and my name and address appeared in the papers the people began flocking to my door as if I had invented a mousetrap. I suppose I’ll have to move again. After all I can’t be awakened at four in the morning to have the milkman ask me for my autograph. Yep, that’s what happened. Assumed names aren’t any good in Hollywood – you have to wear smoked glasses and a mustache or be the lady much sought after by the public. Not that we don’t like it but when I take a bath I like to take a bath.”Joan Blondell

Source: Morris Halprin (1931)
Photo: Blonde Crazy (1931)


"Dear Jimmy! He used to call me the world's most naive sophisticate." -- Joan Blondell (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“Dear Jimmy! He used to call me the world’s most naive sophisticate.”Joan Blondell

Source: Donald Freeman (1968)

Photo: Blonde Crazy (1931)



Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Blondell in "Night Nurse" (1931). Bizarre Los Angeles

A scene from Night Nurse (1931). With Barbara Stanwyck and a skeleton.


Joan Blondell (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“In the 20s, you were a face. And that was enough. In the 30s, you also had to be a voice. And your voice had to match your face if you can imagine that.”Joan Blondell


Joan Blondell (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“I was a star and they were paying me $250 a week the first and I was glad to be working. I was always playing bad, bad ladies but in reality, I was Little Miss Innocent, I’d play the ‘other’ woman in those triangle movies. OTHER woman!? In real life, I wasn’t even THE woman!”Joan Blondell

Source: Donald Freeman (1968)


Joan Blondell

“My folks thought I would come to no good end. I have never behaved ‘like a lady.’”Joan Blondell 

Source: Jewel Smith



Joan Blondell swimsuit

“Life is phony with baloney,

From the start until it’s done;

Gold or tatters, neither matters

For the strife of life is fun.”Joan Blondell


Joan Blondell dice beach

“I don’t know what the secret to longevity as an actress is. It’s more than talent and beauty. Maybe it’s the audience seeing itself in you.”Joan Blondell


Joan Blondell

“I’m not sure of myself at all. I’m lost when I go on a set. You’d never know it, but I’m very uneasy when meeting new people. I don’t let anyone know it.”Joan Blondell

Source: Johna Blinn (1979)
Photo: 1930s


Big City Blues 1932 Joan Blondell

Big City Blues (1932). With Eric Linden.


Joan Blondell monkey

“There’s a fine line between acting and not acting at all. And not acting is what a lot of actors are guilty of. It amazes me how some of these little numbers with dreamy looks and dead pan are getting by with it. I’ve seen a couple of them – I won’t mention names – with Oscars in their hands. I’d hate to see them on stage with a dog act.”Joan Blondell 

Source: Jack Quigg (1951)


Joan Blondell and Bette Davis, circa 1933.

“I was forever giving up the leading man…I gave some of the nicest guys to gals like Bette Davis, Greer Garson, and Lana Turner.”Joan Blondell

Source: 1962

Photo: With Bette Davis, circa 1933.


Glenda Farrell and Joan Blondell in "Havana Widows" (1933). Bizarre Los Angeles

Havana Widows (1933). With Glenda Farrell.



Smarty 1934 Joan Blondell Warren William

Smarty (1934). With Warren William.



"I was the fizz on the soda." -- Joan Blondell (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“I was the fizz on the soda.”Joan Blondell

Source: 1979


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