Lilyan Tashman 1931

Lilyan Tashman – photos and quotes

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“I’m not impressed by anyone who is known as a ‘great person,’ in films or out of them. I might find a stocking salesman more interesting.”Lilyan Tashman

Source: Edward Churchill (1930)
Photo: Eugene Robert Richee (1931)


Lilyan Tashman

“I’d feel perfectly well dressed if I’d put on somebody else’s clothes in the dark in two minutes, especially if I was hungry for supper.”Lilyan Tashman

Quote: 1916
Photo: 1918


Lilyan Tashman

“It’s more boring for a woman to talk about clothes than for a man to talk of his golf score.”Lilyan Tashman


Lilyan Tashman

“I prefer playing good comedy roles. However, I wouldn’t want to be a comedienne all the time. For one thing I don’t want to become typed. And another reason is that I have learned that we often have more fun making a serious picture than we do a comedy.”Lilyan Tashman

Source: Dan Thomas (1931)

Photo: 1925


The Cat Creeps Helen Twelvetrees Lilyan Taschman

The Cat Creeps (1930). Co-stars Helen Twelvetrees.


Lilyan Tashman

“Be careful to have the hair and nails well cared for and the feet well shot, and be careful of these ridiculous little hats. If you can wear them, fine, but they’re dangerous.”Lilyan Tashman

Source: 1933


Lilyan Tashman

“No more vamping. No more home-wrecking. I’m going to be good. But – not too good! I hope I always play heroines with a sense of humor. I couldn’t bear to be a dull, stodgy woman, whose only talent is virtue.”Lilyan Tashman 

Source: Sydney Valentine (1931)


Lilyan Tashman Beverly Hills mansion

Inside her Beverly Hills home at 718 Linden Drive. Tashman and her star husband, Edmund Lowe, threw many wild parties here…and if Hollywood legend is correct, these parties occasionally became orgies for closeted film players. Although Tashman nor Lowe ever came out as being gay, numerous stars have outed them in later years. Tashman, in particular, was said to have been quite a womanizer. She died in 1934 from cancer and, sadly, the house no longer exists.

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