Miriam Hopkins – photos and quotes

Miriam Hopkins 1931

“I’m always pleasant around the house when I’m playing emotional parts in the theater. When I’m playing comedies, I’m always a little disagreeable around the house.”Miriam Hopkins

Source: Dora Albert (1931)

Photographer: Eugene Robert Richee (1931)

Miriam Hopkins Toe Dancer

“We thought Uncle Dixie was a very grand person. He was sort of a Gene Markey of New York – went everywhere, knew everybody. His apartment was the rendezvous of all sorts of interesting celebrities….Of course, we met everybody there, which is how I happened to come in contact with one of the producers for the Music Box Revue who was looking for a little blonde toe dancer. Luckily I had been studying dancing and dramatics both at the Testoff-Seryoa and with Juliette Knott. The family, of course, were highly incensed at the idea of my becoming a toe dancer. Mother stood on her hind legs at first, but when the Music Box Revue turned out to be the most beautiful show in New York, she didn’t feel so badly.”Miriam Hopkins

Source: Mayme Ober Peak (1931)

Photo: Otto Dyar

Miriam Hopkins 1930

“I wasn’t a bit crazy about going into pictures. When studios first asked me to take tests in New York, I said, “I am making more money on the stage than I can spend. What is the inducement?'”Miriam Hopkins

Source: Mayme Ober Peak (1931)

Photo: Eugene Robert Richee (1930)

Miriam Hopkins

“Finally, I agreed to sign a 52-week contract with Paramount on the condition that I would make all pictures in New York. They said there was no use to put such a clause in the contract; it would be understood I belonged to the New York organization. But when I finished Fast and Loose and The Smiling Lieutenant, what did they do but pull the whole studio up and bring it to Hollywood? I had to come along.”Miriam Hopkins

Chateau Elysse

When Hopkins moved to Los Angeles, she lived at the Chateau Elysée (5930 Franklin Avenue).

Photo: 1929.

LAPL 00070665

Mirriam Hopkins 1931

“I don’t think I am going to be popular in Hollywood because I loathe public pawing, and am not crazy about parties.”Miriam Hopkins

Source: Mayme Ober Peak (1931)

Photographer: Eugene Robert Richee (1931)

Miriam Hopkins 1954

“I don’t get the kick out of pictures I got out of the theater. But its hardly fair to compare the two. The talkies are like hearing phonograph music. They are sort of canned and second-hand emotion.”Miriam Hopkins

Source: Mayme Ober Peak (1931)

Miriam Hopkins beach

“When I was a little girl in Savannah, my parents made me wear big hats and stay out of the sun. A milk white complexion was proper then. The mere idea of a girl getting tan provoked shudders. Ever since then I have a terrific ambition to toast myself a golden brown.”Miriam Hopkins

Source: Mayme Ober Peak (1931)

Miriam Hopkins 1932

Photo: 1932

All of Me (1934)

All of Me (1934). Co-starring Fredric March, George Raft and Helen Mack.

Miriam Hopkins

“I’m a bad judge of a play or film. I turned down It Happened One Night. It won Claudette Colbert an Oscar. I said it was just a silly comedy.”Miriam Hopkins

These Three 1936

These Three (1936). Co-starring Merle Oberon and Joel McCrea.

Miriam Hopkins 1939

“I’ve always done what I wanted to do, and it’s turned out all right in the end.”Miriam Hopkins

Source: Beth Brown 1939.

Photo: 1939

Miriam Hopkins 1950

“They give me feeble-minded parts. I don’t object, you understand, but when the writers tell me they wrote the part with me in mind, I begin to wonder.”Miriam Hopkins

Source: Erskine Johnson (1950)
Photo: The Mating Season (1950)

Miriam Hopkins Patio Furniture

Here is a funny feud that broke out after Ella Raines leased her home in 1950 to Hopkins, who was still a party girl at 49…

Raines VS.Hopkins
Actress Calls Cops To Find ‘Borrowed’ Patio Furniture

HOLLYWOOD – (UP) June 4, 1951 — A set of patio furniture was quickly returned to screen star Ella Raines’ home today, after she asked police to recover it from her former tenant, Miriam Hopkins.

Police said they received a telegram from Miss Raines in New York saying she had been informed the furniture was in possession of Miss Hopkins, who formerly rented the house.

“Please exercise your prerogatives to the fullest extent of the law…” Miss Raines’ wire said in part. The rest of the telegram was devoted to some observations about Miss Hopkins‘ character.

“I’ve had a lot of trouble with her and she’s been most difficult,” she said. “She’s completely irresponsible.”

“After all, she had my mother’s telephone number out there in Hollywood and could have called if she wanted to borrow the furniture. But the first I heard about it, was when my mother told me someone backed a car up to the house and carted the stuff away.”

Miss Hopkins said it was all a mistake. She just borrowed the redwood patio set for a party and was late in returning it because she was having it repainted.

“She said some vicious things about me, but I don’t want to saying anything about Ella,” Miss Hopkins said. “She’s a sweet little girl and I can’t understand it.”

“I borrowed the patio furniture for a party last Sunday and I was just being neighborly, you know, like swapping rice pudding or something.”

Miss Raines’ mother, Mrs. E. Raines, reported to valley police last week that the furniture was missing. After receiving the wire from the star, police called Miss Hopkins at her new home.

“Police called yesterday,” Miss Hopkins said, “I’ve never laughed more. We’ve all been absolutely hysterical.”

Her tenant-landlord relations with Miss Raines had been very friendly, she explained.

The patio furniture was returned immediately after the police called, the actress said.

“The cushions on the chairs were mine, anyway,” she added.


Hopkins’ relationship with Raines was anything but friendly. Raines had told reporters that Miriam Hopkins deserved to be “spanked.”

Hopkins‘ explanation seems kind of absurd. Why would anyone take someone else’s furniture without permission AND then repaint it after a week or so? No…no…I don’t buy it.

As a follow-up, Sheilah Graham later writes: Miriam Hopkins hops out of town for radio shows and summer stock in the east. Ella Raines will slap a bill on Miriam for the extra-curricular use of her furniture, if she can catch up with her in the East.”

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