Ruth Argabrite & Her Passenger Carrying Kite – 1926

1926 Los Angeles California Passenger Carrying Kite

Would you fly on a Passenger Carrying Kite?

On the back of this 1926 photo reads:

Los Angeles — Shown to the public for the first time, after more than 200 trial “flights,” this huge passenger carrying kite is being studied by aero experts here. Invented by George A. Agrabrite, who has flown kites since school days, it has been tested and so far has carried 186 pounds aloft with the maximum test not reached yet. Photo shows Mrs. Argabrite in the kite, which is somewhat of a bird, and a plane in some of its features.

Mrs. Argabrite’s name was Ruth, and she was about 22 years old when this photo was taken.

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2 thoughts on “Ruth Argabrite & Her Passenger Carrying Kite – 1926

  1. That’s my grandmother. If there are other pictures of Argabrite’s, particularly Ruth or George, I would love to see them.

    1. Hi Sandy, Just picked up a stock photo of this kite aloft. plant to do a series of photos of George’s kite

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