Westlake Park / MacArthur Park

1908 Los Angeles California, West Lake Park

Early views of Westlake Park in Los Angeles.  It later became MacArthur Park on May 7, 1942.

1908 Boating at Westlake Park


Palm Drive Westlake Park

Palm Drive.


Westlake Park watching seals

Watching the Seals.


Westlake Park MacArthur Park 1910s

California “Deer” in Westlake Park, circa 1910s.



Westlake Park 1916

Circa 1916.


Westlake Park


Wilshire Blvd Westlake Park

Wilshire Blvd. through Westlake Park in the 1920s.


1927 Flappers WestLake Park Los Angeles

Two flappers at the park in 1927.


1940s LOS ANGELES Street & Park Scenes - MacArthur Park

WestLake Park became MacArthur Park on May 7, 1942.


Westlake Park MacArthur Park

The boat dock in early 1942.


MacArthur Park, Lake

Circa 1940s.

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