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Buster Keaton – Photos and Quotes

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“It’s kind of tragic sometimes to be a comic….in an age of wholesale laughter.”Buster Keaton

Source: Martin Regan (1930)
Photo: Ruth Harriett Louise


Movie Posters Bell Boy 1918

The Bell Boy (1918). Stars Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle.


Buster Keaton ad

Buster Keaton Comedies advertisement, c. 1920.



Art Prints


Buster Keaton Suicide

“I’ve had few dull moments and not too many sad and defeated ones…”Buster Keaton

Source: 1960


Buster Keaton Our Hospitality


Buster Keaton Sherlock Bill Jr

“Not long ago a friend asked me what was the greatest pleasure I got from spending my whole life as an actor. There have been so many that I had to think about that for a moment. Then I said, ‘Like everyone else, I like to be with a happy crowd.'”Buster Keaton 


Buster Keaton Sherlock

“A comedian does funny things. A good comedian does things funny.”Buster Keaton 

Photo: Sherlock Jr. (1924)


Buster Keaton and World Middleweight Champion, Mickey Walker, on the set of "Battling Butler" (1926).Keaton with World Middleweight Champion, Mickey Walker, on the set of Battling Butler (1926).


Marceline Day Buster Keaton The Cameraman

“He has the sweetest smile on the lot. But I suppose it’s right about it being better business to remain smile-less. It’s a duck of a picture, and Buster is so cute. Wasn’t it a marvelous idea to exploit the news-reel man as a hero? There’s a lot of clever touches in it, too.”Marceline Day

Source: Alma Whitacker (1928)
Photo: The Cameraman (1928)


Buster Keaton Cameraman 1929

“I don’t feel qualified to talk about my work.”Buster Keaton in 1964.

Source: Keaton by Tom Dardis.

Photo: The Cameraman (1928)



Buster Keaton Lon ChaneyA photo of Buster Keaton looking at a portrait of Lon Chaney at a makeup table at MGM.

Photo: Ruth Harriet Louise

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Old Hollywood Collection: Buster Keaton Coffee Mug – Lon Chaney – makeup kit – 1920s Coffee / Tea Mug


Cliff Ukulele Ike Edwards Buster Keaton

With Cliff Edwards (“Ukulele Ike”) on the M-G-M lot in 1931.


Buster Keaton

“No man is really funny unless he moves funny.”Buster Keaton

Source: James Bacon (1965)


Stan Laurel Buster Keaton Oliver Hardy Jimmy DuranteWith Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and Jimmy Durante.


Buster Keaton Mary Pickford baseball

Keaton watches as Mary Pickford throws the first pitch to Jim Thorpe at the annual motion picture charity baseball game at Wrigley Field in South Los Angeles. Date: July 30, 1938.


Buster Keaton Lucille Ball Desi Arnez

“He taught me most of what I know about timing, how to fall and how to handle props and animals.”Lucille Ball


Buster Keaton Knotts berry farm

At Knott’s Berry Farm in 1956.


Buster Keaton Donald O'ConnorOn the set of The Buster Keaton Story (1957). Keaton worked as a technical consultant to coach its star Donald O’Connor on how to recreate many famous gags. As Keaton biographer Tom Dardis said, “O’Connor tried hard, but it was impossible for anyone to portray Keaton’s movements.” Although he liked O’Connor, he was embarrassed by the biopic, mostly due to its inaccuracy. Keaton’s wife, Eleanor later said that after seeing it for the first time at the premiere, “My stomach turned over, it was so awful!” 

All was not lost. Keaton was paid $60,000 for the rights to his life story. This enabled him to buy a house at 22612 Sylvan Street in Woodland Hills.

Source: Keaton by Tom Dardis.


Buster Keaton Jay North 1960

Jay North (TV’s “Dennis the Menace”), Sam (“The Shaggy Dog”), and Buster Keaton on a merry-go-round at the Valley Youth Festival at 17400 Victory Blvd., circa June 1960. (LAPL 00031300)


Buster Keaton Rock Star

“All my life I have been happiest when the folks watching me said to each other, ‘Look at the poor dope, will ya?'”Buster Keaton


Buster Keaton

At the Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park, California, in 1964. (LAPL)


Buster Keaton wax figure

Keaton tribute at the (closed) Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park.


Buster Keaton 1965

Keaton making a May 1965 celebrity appearance at the Agoura Speedway. The charity event was sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Woodland Hills and the San Fernando Valley Kart Club. The man issuing the citation is bandleader/musician Gus Bivona, who used to play sidekick to Steve Allen on television. (LAPL 00093476)



Lobster Joseph was supposed to be Buster‘s all-time favorite dish. He apparently liked it with small boiled potatoes, sourdough bread (for dunking) and a green salad:

Lobster Joseph

1 pint sour cream
1 square butter, 1/4 pound
2 30-ounce cans solid pack tomatoes (unseasoned) 1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
4 medium lobsters (cooked)
1 ounce brandy
2 ounces sweet sherry



Melt butter. Blend in sour cream, add tomatoes (putting aside tomato juice). Combine sherry and brandy in separate pan. Burn out most of the alcohol and add to sauce. Add tomato juice as needed to desired consistency. Cut lobster into bite size and heat in sauce.

Fish fillets can be substituted for the lobster. Melt butter and quickly saute 1 pound fillets (sole is good). Remove to warm dish. Do not overcook. Add well-drained tomatoes to remaining butter, mixing and chopping with spoon. Add salt and pepper. When tomato-butter mixture is hot (but not boiling) mix in sour cream, a bit at a time. Add brandy and sherry, or white port. Mix well.

Source directly taken from Buster Keaton: Cut to the Chase by Marion Meade



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