Los Angelenos – 1920s

4 women 1924 Los Angeles

Photos of Los Angelenos taken in the 1920s.

Above photo: A family portrait in Los Angeles, circa 1924.


Glendale office 1922

Glendale, CA, office workers

Office workers in Glendale, CA, c. 1922.


Reading porch two women 1923

Two women reading on the porch on July 4, 1923.


Eagle Rock 1923

Swinging near Eagle Rock, c. 1923.


family portrait

This family portrait was supposedly taken in Los Angeles in the 1920s.


flapper big bear lake 1924

A female camper brandishes holsters, revolvers and two police badges at Big Bear Lake in 1924.


South Pasadena 1925

A streetcar stop in South Pasadena, circa 1925.


Somewhere in Los Angeles, a small child poses in a wagon with a goat, c. 1928. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

A small child poses in a wagon with a goat in 1928.


Somewhere in Los Angeles, possibly late 1920s. If anyone wants to help narrow the date down based on the shoes, be my guest.

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