Olvera Street – Photos

Olvera Street

A woman sits at a sandstone water trough on the the north end of Olvera Street, circa 1930s. The trough dates back to 1897.

Olvera Street in 1925.

Street musicians on the porch of the Avila Adobe. (LAPL)

1934 Los Angeles CA Olvera Street Scene City Hall

The El Paseo de Los Angeles, 1934. The La Golondrina Mexican Cafe (the Pelanconi House) is on the far right.

Olvera Street

Olvera Street senoritas (LAPL) Bizarre Los Angeles

Street performers in 1936.

Olvera Street 1936

A postcard from 1936.

Olvera Street Typical of Early Los Angeles

Olvera Street (Bizarre Los Angeles)

A romanticized recreation of early Los Angeles.

Olvera Street 1940s

Romance on Olvera Street in the 1940s.

Olvera Strreet in Los Angeles. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Cafe Caliente Olvera Street

The Café Caliente, one of the the lost restaurants of Olvera Street, was well-known in the 1930s and 1940s for its music entertainment. Started by the Peluffo family in the early 1930s, the restaurant originally opened as an Italian eatery called the Casa di Pranzo, but it switched to Mexican, where it maintained a loyal following for a couple of decades. In 1953, the family closed the restaurant and the building became the new address for the El Paseo Inn.

Photo taken in front of the Avila Adobe, circa 1940s. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

In front of the Avila Adobe, circa 1940s.

Strolling along Olvera Street in 1949. (OCA) Bizarre Los Angeles

Strolling along Olvera Street in 1949. (OCA)

Olvera Street

Photo taken by photographer Bob Plunkett, around 1950-51 (my guess). Notice the Theatre sign? That was the Olvera Street Puppet Theatre that once occupied the Old Machine Shop Building.

Interior Gift Store Olvera Street

Interior of a gift shop, possibly from the 1950s.

Circa 1961.

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