Anita Ekberg – photos and quotes

Anita Ekberg

“I won’t tell my bust measurement. But if you’ve got a bosom…be a woman…wear it.”Anita Ekberg

Source: Nora W. Martin (1957)
Photographer: Tazio Secchiaroli


Anita Eckberg“Cheesecake serves a purpose. It helps attract attention to you and makes producers aware of your existence. But you must be careful not to overdo it. There is no future in being a pinup queen.”Anita Eckberg

Source: 1956

Photo: Peter Basch


Anita Eckberg Swimsuit

“Whatever success I have attained, I owe to photographs. However, there is such a thing as wearing out your welcome. Let’s face it, how many times can you look at the same girl in a bathing suit?”Anita Ekberg

Source: 1956

Photo: 1953


Anita Eckberg Peter Basch“It arouses their curiosity at first but later they become bored and disinterested. Worse yet, they label you a cheesecake cutie and decide you can’t act. Then you have to struggle to get solid acting parts, the one which call for you to do more than just look pretty.”Anita Ekberg

Source: 1956

Photo: Peter Basch




Anita Ekberg

“If I have talent, I want it noticed and developed, I don’t want it obscured by provocative clothing, or lack of it, that distracts the audience. That’s calendar stuff, and I don’t want to be thought of as just a bikini girl.”Anita Ekberg

Source: Al Mohan (1956)


“The idea for the film [La Dolce Vita] is inseparable from the idea of Anita Ekberg.” — Frederico Fellini


Anita ekberg

“I say what I think to the face. Producers and directors were not used to that. I let them know that I choose my own friends.”Anita Ekberg

Source: Daily Mail (1999)




Anita Ekberg in 1957. (Bizarre Los Angeles)


Photo: Peter Basch (1957)



“I lost everything. I don’t even know where my husband is, I can’t find him to divorce him. I got more bad news two months ago: My furniture, which he put in storage under his name, was sold at auction.”Anita Ekberg

Source: John Huddy (1976)

Photo: 1978



Anita Ekberg La Dolce Vita

“Sometimes I think I will always be remembered because of ‘La Dolce Vita.’ That’s very satisfying. I am Anita Ekberg, and everyone in the world knows me.”Anita Ekberg

Source: Dennis McLellan (2015)

Photo: La Dolce Vita (1961)


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