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“Don’t make faces unless they’re pretty ones.”Bebe Daniels

Source: Antoinette Donnelly (1925)


Bebe Daniels

“I’m so glad I am a star I can hardly tell you about it. I love it. I either love or hate things, you know. I love acting.”Bebe Daniels in 1921.

At the time, she was being promoted as “the good little bad girl.”


Bebe Daniels auto

“Come to Los Angeles and you can drive my car all summer and we’ll have a wonderful time!”Bebe Daniels, shortly before ending her PR tour through Texas, her native state.

Source: Ft. Worth Star Telegram, January 2, 1921


Nice People Bebe Daniels Julia Faye

Nice People (1922). A lost film. With Julia Faye.

Bebe Daniels 1927Bebe Daniels in the lost film, She’s a Sheik (1927). Photo by Robert Eugene Richee.

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Bebe Daniels 1931

“What I have is mostly tied up in real estate. Probably I could live comfortably on it if other income stopped, but only by selling. And selling would mean a loss, not a profit.”Bebe Daniels 

Source: Hubbard Keavy (1931)

Photo: 1931


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Bebe Daniels 1932

“The laborer puts all his energy into his work, doesn’t he? So does the motion picture player. The distinction between them is that, the laborer drives his own car to work; the star employs a chauffeur. The laborer dines out of his lunch pail; the star dines in her dressing room or the studio cafe. The laborer works eight hours a day, then goes home around five in the afternoon; the star works from ten to eighteen hours daily…then goes home to memorize lines for the next day’s job.”Bebe Daniels

While this comparison applied to working motion picture players, most people don’t realize that production crews worked six day weeks back then.

Source: Valentine Lyon (1932)
Photo: Elmer Dyer (1932)


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