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Los(t) Angeles: Bunker Hill

A 1902 view down Bunker Hill. 3rd Street is below.


The Lewis Leonard Bradbury mansion, located on the corner of Hill and Court streets in Bunker Hill, in 1927. The mansion was torn down in 1929.


Bunker Hill“Bunker Hill is old town, lost town, shabby town, crook town. Once, very long ago, it was the choice residential district of the city, and there are still standing a few of the jigsaw Gothic mansions with wide porches and walls covered with round-end shingles and full corner bay windows with spindle turrets. They are all rooming houses now, their parquetry floors are scratched and worn through the once glossy finish and the wide sweeping staircases are dark with time and with cheap varnish laid on over generations of dirt. In the tall rooms haggard landladies bicker with shifty tenants. On the wide cool front porches, reaching their cracked shoes into the sun, and staring at nothing, sit the old men with faces like lost battles.”Raymond Chandler


Bunker HillThe Brousseau Mansion, once located at 238 South Bunker Hill Drive, in 1960. (Photographer: Arnold Hylen / California State Library)


245 S. Grand Avenue, c 1960. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

245 S. Grand Avenue, circa 1960.


Bunker Hill Boarding House

A dilapidated boarding house next to the Belmont Hotel (251 Hill Street) in 1966. Photographer: L. Mildred Harris / LAPL 00110273.


Bunker Hill 1967

The Castle (formerly located at 325 S. Bunker Hill), circa October 1967. Through the fog, a skyscraper looms in the distance. (LAPL 00059391)

An interesing history of the Castle can be found here:http://www.onbunkerhill.org/castle


Rochester House

The lost 1880s Rochester House at its original location at 1012 West Temple Street in 1967. (LAPL 00055382)

To read more details about what happened to the house, click here: http://bigorangelandmarks.blogspot.com/2007/04/no-11-west-temple-apartments-rochester.html


Bunker Hill

The end of Bunker Hill in 1969. Two 1880 era homes, “The Castle” and “The Saltbox,” (seen here) were moved to their new home at Heritage Square in Montecito Heights for safekeeping. However, vandals broke into the old houses and started a fire that destroyed both buildings. LAPL 00059374

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