Dorothy Jordan – photos and quotes

Dorothy Jordan

“I’d never have been a success in silents. The clamor was too confusing. I’d been told that there would be music to help us emote. I expected a symphony orchestra, at least. Instead, there was a wheezy portable organ and two squeaky violins, which alternately played ‘Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby,’ and Massenet’s ‘Elegie.’”Dorothy Jordan discussing what it was like for her to work on Fox’s last silent film, Black Magic (1929).

Source: Edward Nagle (1931)
Photographer: George Hurrell (1931)


Gay Madrid Dorothy Jordan Ramon Novarro

In Gay Madrid (1930), with Ramon Novarro.


Dorothy Jordan

“When the studio wants me to do anything, I want to be able to do it.”Dorothy Jordan

Source: 1931

Photo: Ruth Harriet Louise


Photo by George Hurrell.


Dorothy Jordan

Photo: William Grimes (1931)


Dorothy Jordan

“I never got so much respect in all my life. On the stage if you have a little bit of success, they just congratulate you and let it go as that. But, out here – my word – your position in the world goes up twenty degrees every time one of the film executives out here says, ‘She’s a sweet kid.’”Dorothy Jordan


The Last Squadron (aka Hollywood’s Satan) (1932). With Erich von Stroheim, Mary Astor, Dorothy Jordan, Joel McCrea and Richard Dix.



“I want to grow up. I am 24 and don’t want to go on trying to look 16.”Dorothy Jordan in 1933. Of course, she had just turned 27 years old when she made that remark. But who’s counting?

Quote source: Alma Whitaker.


Dorothy Jordan Beverly Hills Hotel

Behind the wheel of a Cadillac near the Beverly Hills Hotel.


Dorothy Jordan

“Even before I married, the long hours of movie-making had begun to wear on me. I realized then that I didn’t have the driving ambition it takes to be a star.”Dorothy Jordan.

Source: Richard Lamparski, author of the Whatever Happened to… series in the 1970s-1980s.

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