Los Angeles – Eastlake Park photos (1900-1911)

Eastlake Park 1908

In 1881, the City of Los Angeles created a local attraction called East Los Angeles Park. In 1901, it became Eastlake Park before the name changed a third time to Lincoln Park in 1917.  The park’s address is 3501 Valley Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.

Eastlake Park 1904

The lake’s stepping stones, c. 1904.

Eastlake Park Railway 1905

The Eastlake Park railway, circa 1905.

Art Prints

Eastlake Park 1908

c. 1908.

Eastlake Park

c. 1909. On back of the postcard is a marketing slogan for Los Angeles that reads “On the Road of a Thousand Wonders.”

Palm Walk Eastlake Park 1910

Eastlake Park in Los Angeles (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Palm Walk, c. 1910.

Eastlake Park 1911
Bizarre Los Angeles

Three women visit Eastlake Park in Los Angeles, California, around 1910. The park is now known as Lincoln Park.

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