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Ginger Rogers

“I like to do something with snap to it. I don’t know why I should prefer more peppy roles, but that’s the way I’m constituted. I’ve tried often enough to get romantic leads in serious productions, but people don’t seem to think of me that way.”Ginger Rogers in 1932

Photo: Elmer Fryer (1933)


Ginger Rogers

“I was never going to smoke, but my director made me for the movie. I said, ‘but I don’t know how to smoke a cigarette.’ He said, ‘go and learn.’ I turned green. It’s a good thing the film wasn’t in technicolor.”Ginger Rogers

Source: Iris Krasnow (1985)

Photo: 1930



Ginger Rogers Golddigger

“When you’re happy, you don’t count the years.”Ginger Rogers


“My mother was not Gypsy. One writer wrote she was a tyrant. My mother was no tyrant. She never whipped me, maybe slapped me a couple of times because I was naughty, but what mother doesn’t? I didn’t mind. But she was not on the set every day knitting and watching me. No way. No way.”Ginger Rogers

Source: Iris Krasnow (1985)

Photo: El Capitan Theatre for the premiere of Anything Goes.


Ginger Rogers

“I’m most grateful to have had that joyous time in motion pictures. It really was a Golden Age of Hollywood. Pictures were talking, they were singing, they were coloring.”Ginger Rogers

Photo: Elmer Fryer (1933)


Ginger Rogers

“The only way to enjoy anything in this life is to earn it first.”Ginger Rogers


Ginger Rogers

“The films were humorous, light and beautiful – yes, glamorous. Women weren’t obsolete then; they had as much importance as men.”Ginger Rogers 

When asked to identify the most important female film stars of the 1930s, she named Greta Garbo, Jean Arthur, Katharine Hepburn and Rosalind Russell.

Source: Bob Thomas in 1965.
Photographer: Ernest Bachrach in 1933.


Gay Divorcee 1934

The Gay Divorcee (1934). With Fred Astaire.


Ginger Rogers 1936

“Being a good dancer is a definite social advantage. You can learn to dance. We were all born with a sense of rhythm. On the dance floor, a woman can put all her charm and personality into play.”Ginger Rogers 

Source: 1935

Photo: 1936


Ginger Rogers Caricature Brown Derby

Artist: Vich. Year: 1930s. Black and red ink. A Brown Derby restaurant caricature, autographed by the star.


Ginger Rogers

“I’m like a producer who puts an untried actress under contract. He’s not sure whether the little dear has talent or not. He just hopes and keeps his fingers crossed. That’s me. Some day I’m going to act. Even if I have to wait till I’m old and gray-haired, even if I have to do it in my own little theatre, in my own little backyard, with the chickens and ducks for an audience, I don’t care. I think it’ll be fun.”Ginger Rogers, on her desire to transition out of musicals.

Source: Ida Zeitlin (1937)
Photo: John Miehle (1937)



Ginger Rodgers Katharine Hepburn Stage Door 1937

“She is snippy, you know, which is a shame. She was never on my side.” — Ginger Rogers talking about Katharine Hepburn.

Photo: Stage Door (1937)


Ginger Rogers bride

“Yes, I have had some failed marriages. I yearned for a long, happy marriage with one person. I always loved being married. Caring, cooking, and being a companion with a husband was as natural to me as breathing. Perhaps, in show business, such a marriage is doubly hard to maintain.”Ginger Rogers, who was married five times.



Ginger Rogers

“I believe in living each day as it comes, to the best of my ability. When it’s done, I put it away, remembering that there will be a tomorrow to take it’s place. If I have any philosophy, that’s it. To me it’s not a fatalistic attitude.”Ginger Rogers


Ginger Rogers artist

“Losing your sense of humor isn’t developing; it’s shriveling. One thing I’ll never lose is my love of a good laugh. Because laughing isn’t only the world’s best medicine; it’s the most democratic thing to do. If you can laugh, you can take it.”Ginger Rogers

Source: William F. French (1942)
Photo: 1947


Ginger Rogers 1947

Photographer: Robert Coburn (1947)



"I don't believe a picture should be pre-told to the public. That's why I won't do a broadcast of any picture of mine until it is out of release." -- Ginger Rogers (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“I don’t believe a picture should be pre-told to the public. That’s why I won’t do a broadcast of any picture of mine until it is out of release.”Ginger Rogers

Source: Bob Thomas (1949)

Photo: C.S. Bull (1949)




Black Widow (1954). With Van Heflin, George Raft, and Reginald Gardiner.


Twist of Fate (1954)



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