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Grace Kelly – photos and quotes

Grace Kelly 1956

“I don’t believe in telling everything. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to keep my personal life to myself. I don’t like to read about what an actress had for breakfast or how many shoes she has in her closet. I wouldn’t want people to read those things about me. I realize that there are certain people who thrive on such things. But I wouldn’t like it. If you live that way, life would get to be nothing more than a photo layout.”Grace Kelly

Source: Tom Burton (1955)
Photo: 1956


Grace Kelly

“Working with Hitch was wonderful for me, but there was very little about Hollywood that I liked. The only value out there seemed to be money, and it seemed to me that many friendships and even marriages were often based on wealth and how relationships could benefit someone’s career. I saw so many unhappy people – miserable people, really – and so many alcoholics and [those who had] nervous breakdowns. In addition, I didn’t like the eternal sunshine of Los Angeles and being dependent on a car to go all those long distances from one part of town to another. ”Grace Kelly

Source: High Society: The Life of Grace Kelly by Donald Spoto
Photo: Peter Basch


Grace Kelly Prince Rainier

“I’ve been in love before – but never in love like this….Then it was apparently love at first sight, or rather second sight. Ranier proposed sometime during Christmas week after asking my father’s permission….After we’re married, my emphasis is going to be on our marriage. Certainly Rainier will be the head of the family. Shouldn’t a husband always be the head?”Grace Kelly 

Source: 1956


Grace Kelly The Swan

Artist: Russell E. Roberts. Acrylic on heavy ¼-inch artist board measuring 32 “ x 22”. Title art from The Swan (1956). Roberts headed MGM’s art department at the time.


Grace Kelly

“I’m stubborn, but I don’t think I’m cold or hard.” — Grace Kelly



Audery Hepburn Grace Kelly Pantages Theatre

Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly wait backstage at the Pantages Theater during the 1956 Academy Awards.


"There is happiness in my life." -- Grace Kelly (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“There is happiness in my life.”Grace Kelly

Photo: Philippe Halmsman (1959)

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