Los Angeles – Bizarre Postcards – Early 1900s

Los Angeles Bizarre Postcard

A collection of bizarre postcards images that were sold in Los Angeles in the early 1900s.


Shriner postcard Los Angeles 1907

A Shriner’s postcard from 1907.


Elks Club Postcard

“Los Angeles Looks Good to Me,” c. 1909.


Grapes postcard

Back when Los Angeles was the center of California’s wine production.


Milano Cafe 1909

A surreal postcard from 1909 for the Milano Cafe, once located at 166 N. Main Street (very close to where the City Hall building stands).


Bizarre Los Angeles Collection – Vintage Los Angeles Postcard – Gay – Lesbian – Humorous – Cowgirl Mug

Frog went a courtin' postcard. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

An unusual leather postcard. Undated.

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