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Lupe Vélez – Photos and Quotes

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“I remember how I went to the movies frequently and how I liked to see John Gilbert and Ronald Colman make love to their fair damsels. After viewing such scenes I would go home and put on my mother’s or grandmother’s dresses and shoes, act as though I were a leading lady, walk toward the mirror and kiss my reflection, thinking it was one of my movie heroes.”Lupe Vélez

Source: Salvador Baguez (1928)


Lon Chaney and Lupe Velez in "Where East Is East" (1929). Bizarre Los Angeles

Where East Is East (1929). With Lon Chaney Sr.



Lupe Velez

“I did not even turn my thoughts toward the idea. Why to me it seemed as impossible, as we say in Mexico when we desire something we cannot obtain – Yo quiero la luna – I want the moon.”Lupe Vélez, when asked if she came to Hollywood for the sole purpose of working in the movies.


Lupe Velez

“I feel very happy when I come to the studio, and all the studio boys, the carpenters and electricians say, ‘Whoopee, Lupe!’ I sing and dance for them. Just because they make $30 a week and I make $1500 I am not to be high hat. Maybe tomorrow I do not get a job. Then what become of that high hat?”Lupe Vélez in 1929.

Quote source: Mayme Ober Peak

Photo: 1933



Lupe Velez

“When I first came here I did not know it was wrong to say certain words – I did not know the meaning of them. And I did not know it was not so good to make love in the presence of others. I did these things without thinking about them. I like to make every one happy. When people laughed at me it thrilled me all over, for I thought they were having a good time. I think I would break my neck if it would make people laugh. But after they laughed they went away and talked.”Lupe Vélez

Source: Madeline Glass (1930)
Photo: 1931


Lupe Velez bearskin rug

“Do you know, people say I am a terrible flirt. You know what made me that way? American pictures! They show a girl how to vamp!”Lupe Vélez, playfully dodging a reporter’s question as to whether she and boyfriend Gary Cooper were secretly engaged.

She had been seen sporting a ring on her engagement finger.  When she was asked about it, she replied, “Maybe I find it in the street.”


Lupe Velez Lawrence Tibbett Cuban Love Song 1931

Co-starring with Lawrence Tibbett in Cuban Love Song (1931).


Lupe Velez

“Today for lunch I have tomato soup with rice, and a salad, and four hot dogs, and sauerkraut, and ice cream. You see I eat what I please, when I please. This morning I wake up at 3 and I have beer and a cheese sandwich. When I sleep I sleep like nobody else – hard. I wake up rested.”Lupe Vélez

Source: Robbin Coons in 1939
Photographer: N/A but taken while she was at Fox.



“When I kiss a man, he stays kissed!”Lupe Vélez.

Photo: Hollywood Party (1933), with Jimmy Durante.



"Eets everybody's beezness when you marry. You talk loud at home - they say you have a fight. You fight - they say you keel him." -- Lupe Vélez (with husband Johhny Weissmuller) Bizarre Los Angeles

“Eets everybody’s beezness when you marry. You talk loud at home – they say you have a fight. You fight – they say you keel him.”Lupe Vélez

Source: Lucie Neville (1939)

Photo: With new husband Johnny Weissmuller in 1934.


Lupe Velez

“Hollywood is like heaven, but I do not think Lupe Vélez is big enough for heaven!” Lupe Vélez


"The newspapers used to telephone and ask, 'Are you and Johnee quarreling again?' The hope we are - it make good storee" -- Lupe Velez (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“The newspapers used to telephone and ask, ‘Are you and Johnee quarreling again?’ The hope we are – it make good storee. And people come to me and say, ‘My dear, you must watch that han’some hoosban of yours – he -‘ I tell them, ‘Who pay you to come and tell me lies? Go away and mind your own beezness!”Lupe Vélez

Source: Lucie Neville (1939)

Photo: With soon-to-be ex-husband Johnny Weissmuller in 1938.


"Eef I find another hoosban, I run away leeve in Mexico - not in thees Hollywood." -- Lupe Vélez (Bizarre Los Angeles)“Believe me, a girl has no chance in thees place unless she is extra – no beeg name, no monee. Then she marry anybody she love. Eef she is a star, she must get somebody important – a doctor, a producer. Eef she marry an actor, always there is trouble about who is the beegest star and who wear the pants in the family. No – no more for Lupe! Eef I find another hoosban, I run away leeve in Mexico – not in thees Hollywood.”Lupe Vélez

Source: Lucie Neville (1939)

Photo: 1939


Lupe Valdez

“A woman like me should know about life and love and men and women. I have made many mistakes, yet if I had my life to live again, I would do the same. Because we only learn by making mistakes, our own mistakes. That is why I am hesitating about advising girls about anything. Especially about men.”Lupe Vélez

Source: Gladys Hall (1941)
Photographer: C.S. Bull

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