Marceline Day – Silent Film Star – 1920s

Marceline Day

“I make the most awful flapper. I believe that a flapper just has to be born a ‘flapper,’ and, well, I wasn’t.”Marceline Day in 1927.


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Marceline Day

“I love working for [Columbia Pictures], even if they are not as grand as Goldwyn’s – yet. And even if we do make a picture in two weeks. Although there really isn’t much difference of course, I am a leading lady with Goldwyn’s and a star for Columbia…and ‘star’ sounds better. Besides, they are so adorable to me. And they let me be a wee bit toughish.”Marceline Day

Source: Alma Whitaker (1928)


Marceline Day Buster Keaton The Cameraman

Buster Keaton and Marceline Day in The Cameraman (1928)


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