Natalie Moorhead – Vamp – early 1930s

Natalie Moorhead vamp

“I don’t think vamping hurts you at all, and at least it’s something you can get your teeth into. My face doesn’t permit me to play an ingenue part, so I have to choose between vamps and society parts, which give you nothing to do but stand around and wear clothes. I love the clothes, but I loathe standing around.”Natalie Moorhead


Natalie Moorhead“I never see my own pictures because I don’t want to hate myself. I was so thoroughly bad in ‘Shadow of the Law’ [1930] that even my friends disliked me. And now I have done so many of these women that I’m afraid I’m definitely typed as such. I don’t want to be; first because soon everyone will think me actually disagreeable, and then light comedy and farce are what I really enjoy.” – Natalie Moorhead on playing villain roles.



Photographer: Otto Dyar (1930)


Shadow of the Law (1930). With William Powell.


Natalie Moorhead in a dance costume. (Bizarre Los Angeles)



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