Nita Naldi 1923

Nida Naldi – Classic Vamp – 1923

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“My stars, boy, how women loathed me.”Nita Naldi

Source: Whitney Bolton (1961)
Photo: 1923


Nita Naldi (Bizarre Los Angeles)


Nita Naldi

“To charm a man, act dumb; looks are more important than books.” – Nita Naldi in 1924.

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Nita Naldi“As for me being a vamp and dressing like one and all that – what chance have I got? Looks is looks and I don’t do anything about them one way or the other. If someone hands me a pair of earrings, I attach ‘em. I go into a shop and they trot out all of their most – what do you call ’em? – exotic looking things, and I suppose I look as well in them as I would in anything. But I don’t care what I wear. I’d just as soon wear a shirtwaist and skirt as a yard of chiffon any day.” – Nita Naldi

Source: Gladys Hall


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Nita Naldi

“I’ve got a grand pair of legs. After all, I started in the leg shows – the Winter Gardens and the Follies. But have I ever been allowed to show my legs on the screen? No, my dear. I always had to wear my velvet skirts tight to the ground because producers think vamps grow that way. It’s the bunk.” – Nita Naldi



Nita Naldi in “Lawful Larceny” (1923) Mug

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