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Phyllis Haver 1927

“People think I’ve been sitting pretty ever since that bit in ‘The Christian’ took me out of slapstick comedy. That’s far from the truth. I’ve had a long, hard struggle all the time. Two or three pictures a year don’t keep the wolf far from the door. In this game you need break after break, not just a break. I’ve had luck, but it hasn’t all been good.”Phyllis Haver, a former Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty, who successfully made the transition from comedy shorts to feature films in the 1920s.

Source: Malcolm H. Oettinger (1928)


Ben Turpin and Phyllis Haver at the Beach. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Ben Turpin serenading Haver wit bagpipes on the beach.


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Sell Art Online


Phyllis Haver

“A great deal is said about the ‘flapper’; what about the ‘cakeater’ and the ‘jellybean’? No one makes any alarmning cry about ‘what is happening to our manhood?’ Instead, the jolly, little, fun-loving flapper is held up before the public gaze.”Phyllis Haver

Source: 1924


Phyllis Haver

“I went into the movies because I wanted to act. There are 50 other reasons generally given, but in my case, I was caught by the glamour of the screen – and I am still enmeshed in it. Whenever I told people all that I thought it would mean to work in pictures, they said I was suffering from day dreams – that nothing ever turned out as one expected.”Phyllis Haver

Source: 1928

Photography Prints

Phyllis Haver

Circa 1928.

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