Sari Maritza – photos and quotes

Sari Maritza

“There are more pleasant people in Hollywood than in any other city I have lived in, but not so many sincere ones.”Sari Maritza in 1932.

Source: Hubbard Keavy’s column, “Screen Life in Hollywood”


Sari Maritza“I get this feeling of artificiality, not only about the people, but about the buildings as well. Houses look like movie sets — little box-like places that a good blast of wind apparently would have no trouble blowing down.”Sari Maritza discussing her opinion of Hollywood in 1932.


Forgotten Commandments (1931)

Forgotten Commandments (1932)



Sari Maritza



Film player Sari Maritza posing in front of the Life Savers car. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Maritza posing in front of the Life Savers car.


Sari Maritza

“Sometimes people are timid – sometimes they just don’t have the gift for making small talk, so they say nothing – they don’t smile much, because a smile gets frozen on your face if you can’t vary it with speech – and so they are called ‘high-hat.'”Sari Maritza

Source: Alice L. Tildesley (1933)

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