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Veronica Lake – Photos and Quotes

Veronica Lake

“I wasn’t a sex symbol. I was a sex zombie.”Veronica Lake


Veronica Lake

“I’m no great actress. I just had a movie job dumped into my lap, the public seemed to like me, and that’s all there is to it.”Veronica Lake in 1942.


Veronica Lake

“Do you know, if I could go out upon the street, go to places and not be pawed and pushed, not cornered by frenzied autograph hunters; if I could go about just once like an ordinary girl and be treated like one, why – well, it would be heaven.”Veronica Lake in 1942.

Source: Lawrence Perry, who claimed that Veronica Lake suffered from ochlophobia, a fear of mob-like crowds.


Blue Dahlia

The Blue Dahlia (1946). Co-starring Alan Ladd and William Bendix.

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