Angels Flight 1902

Angels Flight Photos

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An early view of Angels Flight on Bunker Hill at 3rd and Hill Streets, circa 1902.

The railway first opened in 1901.


Angels Flight

A postcard image from the early 1910s with Angels Flight and its observatory tower in the background.


Angeles Flight 1948Circa 1948.


Angels Flight 1958

A view in 1958.

Photographer: L. Mildred Harris/LAPL 00110073.


Angels Flight 1960


Angels Flight


Angels Flight 1960

Circa 1960.


Angels Flight 1962

Tracks next to the Third Street Tunnel, c. 1962-1964. Also seen are the Sunshine Apartments (center), the Hotel Astoria Apartments (tall building on the right) and the Ferguson Building (left).

Photographer: George Mann / LAPL 00102814, LAPL 00102798)


Angels Flight 1965

Stephanie Tucker, a 22-year-old employee at the Broadway Department Store, waves to the camera in 1965. (LAPL 00074608)


Angels Flight 1965

Circa 1965. Photographer: Michael Haering (LAPL 00077823)


Angels Flight 1968


Angels Flight 1968


Angels Flight 1969Three photos, c. 1968.




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