Anne Baxter – Photos and Quotes

Anne Baxter

“I’m tired of stepping in for people. Hell, I went through it for 14 bloody years at Fox. Anytime anybody didn’t want to do anything, I had to step in.”Anne Baxter


"People have preconceived ideas about actresses which aren't particularly good. If you've worked in Hollywood, you're tarred with every scandal that's ever sullied the film industry." -- Anne Baxter

“People have preconceived ideas about actresses which aren’t particularly good. If you’ve worked in Hollywood, you’re tarred with every scandal that’s ever sullied the film industry.”Anne Baxter

Source: Nancy Anderson (1976)

Photo: Tom Kelley

The Razor's Edge poster Norman Rockwell

The Razor’s Edge (1946). Artwork by Norman Rockwell. Co-stars Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, John Payne, Anne Baxter, Clifton Webb and Herbert Marshall.


Anne Baxter

“I’m definitely a person of moods. Sometimes I will want to be in a crowd of 10,000. Other times I’m happy only when I’m absolutely alone.”Anne Baxter

Source: Sheilah Graham (1956)

Photo: 1956

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