Anne Francis – Photos and Quotes

Anne Francis

“We were living in a small town, Yorktown Heights, N.Y, when the depression hit my dad. We moved to New York City. I was a blond character, mostly tomboy, but two or three people suggested I might become a model. All of a sudden I was wearing pumps and pretty dresses and posing for fashion magazines.”Anne Francis

Source: Hedda Hopper (1954)


Anne Francis

“Most young blondes in those days [’50s] were not taken too seriously. I had wanted to work on a project [directing] all my own from beginning to end for many years. I had managers who said, ‘Look, you’re an actress. You’re not supposed to do that other business.’ And now I look at all the women today who are doing it, and no one’s batting an eyelash.”Anne Francis


Anne Francis Spider woman

“Of course, I don’t like being the vamp, but sexy roles are the plums these days.”Anne Francis in 1954.

Photo: Susan Slept Here (1954)


Anne Francis in Forbidden Planet (1956)

“We could have hammed it up, but we wanted to be as sincere as we could.”Anne Francis

Source: 1999

Photo: Forbidden Planet (1956)



Anne Francis

“As young as I was when I came to Hollywood, I never allowed myself to get caught up in…I suppose you’d call it extreme glamour.”Anne Francis

Source: Lydia Lane (1959)


Anne Francis Honey West doll

Anne Francis is gone, but her television character Honey West still lives on — as a collector’s doll. The top photo comes from the mid-1960s.

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  1. Hi There! Not sure when you posted my photo of Anne Francis as “Honey West”. Just stumbled across this link today.
    Thank you for crediting me and adding a link to my site. Best, Maryann Roy

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