Barbara Steele – Horror Queen

Barbara Steele

“They [meaning Fox Studios] had this preconceived idea that women were all glossy lips. They’d say: ‘We’d better pin your ears back. We’d better make you blonde. You don’t have any décolletage.’ Then came the orders: ‘Don’t be seen around with him because… Don’t walk around the lot in high heels’ – they thought I was too tall and they all feel terribly short there. It was such a joke. All those fantastic clichés you read about in ‘Day of the Locust.’ Except it was so much more of a cliché than you imagined it.”Barbara Steele talking about her Hollywood days before she became the 1960s leading horror queen in Europe.


Barbara Steele

“I did about 15 horror films in Europe. I am just mortified to see any of them….But I apparently still have a following there.”Barbara Steele

Source: Mike Hughes (1991)

Photo: Black Sunday (1960)


Vincent Price & Barbara Steele in The Pit & the Pendulum (Bizarre Los Angeles)“I’ve come to the conclusion that you get along much better with the actors in these grim, heavy dramas than you do in comedies. I play the wife who murders her husband, and when it’s a nice husband like Vincent Price, it’s not a very pleasant thought to ‘do him in.’ Every one told me I would like Vincent, he is so thoughtful, warm and helpful. But I had no idea that I would like him so well, and find him so pleasant to work with.”Barbara Steele

Source: Louella Parsons (1961)

Photo: The Pit and the Pendulum (1961)


"Don't tell, but I hate any form of exercise. I never exercise if I can help it." -- Barbara Steele (Bizarre Los Angeles)“Don’t tell, but I hate any form of exercise. I never exercise if I can help it.”Barbara Steele

Source: Louella Parsons (1961)

Photo: 1961


Barbara Steele

“They should make a really super, bang-up erotic horror film. But, of course, they confuse vulgarity with eroticism.”Barbara Steele

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