Betty Grable – quotes and photos

Betty Grable

“I’m strictly an enlisted man’s girl.”Betty Grable


A teenage Grable on the set of Whoopee (1930).


Betty Grable

Betty Grable is getting 14,400 fan letters a month, and the number is spurting up by the day. Of this 91 percent is from servicemen….Betty Grable is fast becoming known around Hollywood as the Pin Up Girl – the star with the most pictures pinned up in barracks.” – Dee Lawrence’s article, “Movieland’s Pin-Up Queens,” May 24, 1942.


Movie Life with Betty Grable and George Raft, c. 1942. Bizarre Los Angeles

“I would have married George a week after I met him.I was so deeply in love with him. But when you wait two-and-a-half years, there doesn’t seem a future in a romance with a married man.”Betty Grable

Source: Louella Parsons (1943)

Photo: 1942


Betty Grable

“I’m not an actress, and I don’t want those roles in which I have long speeches, full of meaning. I’m the kind of a performer who wants a few lines that are cues to go into a song or a dance.”Betty Grable

Source: Sidney Skolsky (1943)
Photo: 1943


Betty Grable pistol

The Grable gun (as I like to call it). Here’s the story: a WWII GI had taken a Polish-made “VIS-35 Radom Semi-Automatic Pistol, #M6678, 9mm, 4-5/8” barrel.”
He then stripped the blue finish away, fitted a cut-out of Grable, and covered it with aircraft Plexiglas. His creating a “sweetheart grip” out of scrap Plexiglass was not an entirely uncommon practice among servicemen at that time.


Betty Grable 1954

“Look, I’ve had it. I’ve had the gravy for a good number of years, and I’ve enjoyed it. Now let the younger kids work their heads off. Not me. I’ve got other things in life to be interested in.”Betty Grable

Source: Bob Thomas (1954)

Photo: 1954



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