Charles Farrell – photos and quotes

Charles Farrell

“I believe the most important thing to help one get ahead in pictures is the way one conducts oneself. Extra and bit work is good for the head: it won’t swell after all the kicks you get as a small timer. A knowledge of human nature is another thing extra work gets for you if you are smart enough to take it. Boys who get the breaks quickly because of being good-looking and wearing snappy clothes well, usually have to begin all over again: conceit makes them flop at first.”Charles Farrell 

Source: Rosalind Shaffer (1930)


Janet Garynor Charles Farrell

Janet Gaynor and I were always receiving wedding-anniversary presents in the mail, care of the studio. The fans didn’t even know what date our anniversary fell on, which is logical, since we were never married.”Charles Farrell


Charles Farrell

“Success came too soon for me. I hadn’t had the experience to go with the star status I suddenly acquired, which is one reason talking pictures frightened me.”Charles Farrell

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