Crenshaw Shopping Center – Von’s Grocery Story

Crenshaw Shopping Center 1950 VONS GROCERY STORE LOS ANGELES

The Crenshaw Shopping Center, circa 1950 or thereabouts. Its known today as Baldwin Hills – Crenshaw Plaza.

Address: 3650 W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.


Von's Fish Department

Von’s fresh fish counter in 1950. Note that Rex Sole was selling for .33 a pound.


Von's Loading Dock

An underground loading dock at the Crenshaw Shopping Center, now the Baldwin Hills – Crenshaw Plaza, in 1950.


Von's supermarket 1950

A frozen food bin at Von’s, c. 1950.



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One thought on “Crenshaw Shopping Center – Von’s Grocery Story

  1. I remember going to Von’s with my mom. She said Von’s had the best meat. It was located on what was then Santa Barbara Ave., just west of Crenshaw.

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