Edith Happy – Rodeo Trick Rider

Edith Happy

Stunt woman Edith Happy (1925-1999) performs her famous hippodrome stand at the Sheriff’s Rodeo at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1958.

Happy started her trick riding career in 1943 at the Salinas Rodeo. In 1945, she met her future husband, Don Happy, who taught her stunt work. Edith quickly became a rodeo favorite and later toured with Gene Autry. The Happys performed stunts in Hollywood films throughout the 1950s. Edith stunt doubled for Dorothy Malone, Betty Hutton, Virginia Mayo and Irene Dunne.

Edith retired from rodeo performing in the mid-1960s, after divorcing Don and marrying James Connelly. (LAPL 00119838)

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One thought on “Edith Happy – Rodeo Trick Rider

  1. Hi Edith, I am looking for people I trick rode with in the 50’s and 60’s. We rode together in Cheyenne. I think. I was probably 15 at the time. I would enjoy hearing from you. I don’t find much on the internet about those that rode in that time period.
    Best Wishes,
    Karen Lee Atterberry Duncan

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