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Errol Flynn – photos and quotes

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“Life is only what you get out of it in the living, isn’t it? I do want money but I won’t pay too much of myself to get it. I hate discipline. Time clocks are abhorrent to me.”Errol Flynn

Source: Harry Lang (1936)


Errol Flynn car

“You once liked the blissful mobility, but then you wonder, who’s the real you? And who’s the chap on the screen? You know, I catch myself acting out my life like a goddamn script.”Errol Flynn


"The studio, you know, always build up a star in one way or another. Because of my earlier experiences they decided to build me as the adventurous type." -- Errol Flynn (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“The studio, you know, always build up a star in one way or another. Because of my earlier experiences they decided to build me as the adventurous type.”Errol Flynn

Source: J.D. Spiro (1937)


Errol Flynn

“They’ve great respect for the dead in Hollywood, but none for the living.”Errol Flynn


Errol Flynn

“I’ve always believed that the only thing I owed the public was what appeared on the screen, and my private life was my own affair. But, of course, nobody else thinks that way, so I just have to accept my fate.”Errol Flynn

Source: Bob Thomas (1952)


The Dawn Patrol 1938 Errol Flynn

The Dawn Patrol (1938)

Errol Flynn comic book

Super Comics (1940) published by Dell.


Errol Flynn Gentleman Jim

“They were forced upon me. I am a man of peace. I don’t want to fight. I am getting too old to deliver knockout punches.”Errol Flynn

Source: Marjory Adams (1941)

Photo: Gentleman Jim (1942)


Errol Flynn

“It isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper.”Errol Flynn


Errol Flynn

“I am the worst businessman in the world although I must confess that it took years to convince me of this. With me, saving begins methodically and ends in chaos.”Errol Flynn

Source: John Franchey (1942)


Errol Flynn rape

Flynn signing autographs outside the courtroom where he was being tried for the statutory rape of two under-aged girls. Photo was taken in January of 1943.


Errol Flynn

“I suppose I’ll be criticized, but it’s a question of living life the way you see fit, and I’ve been careless of other people’s opinions. I never thought the public would be interested in my so-called antics.”Errol Flynn

Source: Vernon Scott (1959)


Errol Flynn smirk

“I have the trait, childish, no doubt, of wanting to do anything I’m told not to do.”Errol Flynn



Ann Shridan Errol Flynn Silver River

“He was one of the wild characters of the world, but he had a strange, quiet side. He camouflaged himself completely. In all the years I knew him, I never really knew what lay underneath and I doubt if many people did.”Ann Sheridan 

Photo: Silver River (1948)


Robert Mitchum Errol Flynn Burt Lancaster

With Robert Mitchum and Burt Lancaster.


Errol Flynn Showdown

 Flynn‘s novel, Showdown, was originally published in 1946 and republished as a paperback by Consul Books in 1961.


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