Herbert Marshall – photos and quotes

Herbert Marshall

“Temperament means to be fired by ambition to reach a certain goal, to be so set on accomplishing your aim that you can cast everything else aside and are apt sometimes to be irritated out of all proportion by things or people who get in your way. Actors haven’t got a normal job. It is largely temperament that makes an actor. Oh, I burst out at times. I fight for my rights. Don’t think that I don’t.”Herbert Marshall

Source: Franc Dillon (1938)
Photographer: C.S. Bull


Herbert Marshall

“Fantasy droops before Mr. Herbert Marshall, so intractably British in the American scene. He does, I suppose, represent some genuinely national characteristics, if not those one wishes to see exported: a kind of tobacco, a kind of tweed, a kind of pipe; or in terms of dog, something large, sentimental and molting, something which confirms our preference for cats.” — Grahame Greene reviewing If You Could Only Cook (1935).


Herbert Marshall

“Autograph collectors. I still want to know how to cope with the autograph situation, to keep my sanity without seeming to be rude. I would like to know just how to be kind to these people without missing trains or steamers or my plane.” – Herbert Marshall in 1936, when asked to name his greatest worry as a movie star.

Source: Reporter David Hazen


Accent on Youth 1935 poster

Accent on Youth (1935). With Sylvia Sidney.


The Letter (1940). With Bette Davis.


The Razor's Edge poster Norman Rockwell

The Razor’s Edge (1946). Artwork by Norman Rockwell. Co-stars Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, John Payne, Anne Baxter, Clifton Webb and Herbert Marshall.

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