Hollywood Halloween Cheesecake Photos

Clara Bow Hollywood Halloween Cheesecake Photos

A collection of Los Angeles Halloween photos.

Above: Clara Bow, putting the “It” in “Witch.”


Anita Page

Anita Page



La Veda Ballroom costumes Halloween

Photo Caption reads: Mabel, Verna and Marie in Spanish costumes for a Halloween party at La Veda Ballroom on Vernon Avenue near Wall Street.

Photo taken in 1929. (Photographer: Tivoli / LAPL 00001251)


Lillian Roth, Marion Shilling and Rosita Moreno (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Lillian Roth, Marion Shilling and Rosita Moreno


Shirley Ross

Singer/actress Shirley Ross in 1936. She is best remembered for her duet with Bob Hope in the song, “Thanks for the Memories.”  Photo by C.S. Bull.


Mildred Sellers in 1938.

Mildred Sellers, c. 1938.


Helen Parrish - Halloween Cheesecake (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Helen Parrish


Judy Garland Halloween

Judy Garland and another wicked witch, circa 1940.


Chorus girls from the RKO movie, George White’s Scandals (1945). Bizarre Los Angeles

Chorus girls from the RKO movie, George White’s Scandals (1945).


Ann Savage

Ann Savage


Dusty Anderson

Dusty Anderson


Ann Miller 1945

Ann Miller, c. 1945.


Yvonne de Carlo

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