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John Belushi – Photos and Quotes

John Belushi

“If people want to think that I’m a drug-crazed anarchist and it brings them into the theaters, that’s fine. Actually, I’m a pretty boring guy most of the time.”John Belushi in 1980.



“He was a good man, a kind man, a warm man, a hot man. What we are talking about here is a good man – and a bad boy. Johnny – you can be sure that I’ll have my antennae out for the paranatural and the spiritual, and believe me, if there’s any contact with him, I’ll let you know.” – Dan Aykroyd on John Belushi


Cinerama Dome John Belushi 1941

A caricature of John Belushi from the movie 1941 displayed on top of the Cinerama Dome, located at 6360 Sunset Boulevard. Photographer: Anne Knudsen. 1979. (LAPL)


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