Robert Mitchum – Photos and Quotes

Robert Mitchum

“I never will believe there is such a thing as a great actor.”Robert Mitchum


Robert Mitchum Errol Flynn Burt Lancaster

With Errol Flynn and Burt Lancaster.


Robert Mitchum

Self-portrait/caricature. Date: NA. Ink on paper. 5 x 8 inches.



Robert Mitchum

“Just after we shot Secret Ceremony [1968], lesbianism came in … I’m no damned good as a lesbian.”Robert Mitchum.

Also pictured: Mia Farrow and Elizabeth Taylor.


Robert Mitchum Mr. North“I love Mitchum. I have always thought he was a wonderful actor. I have known him for 35 years. I was supposed to work with him once, and it was totally screwed up.  He got into a brouhaha with Duke Wayne‘s company, and we never worked together, which I was sorry about. His behavior on this film was fantastic. More than once I saw him called early and sitting for five hours, you know, that happens very often on location. Mitchum never said a word. So classy.”Lauren Bacall

Source: 1988

Photo: Mr. North (1988)

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