Disneyland Photos

Vintage Disneyland parade

A Disneyland Parade, circa November 1955. In this photo, five-year-old Kandra K. Craig rides a baby elephant named Minnie. (LAPL  00106414)


Disneyland Rainbow Mountain

The Rainbow Mountain, Mining and Exploration Railroad at Disneyland, circa 1956. (LAPL 00113977)



The Flying Saucers ride at Disneyland. It existed at Tomorrowland from 1961 to 1966, before it was dismantled to make room for a stage. (Photographer: Elmar Baxer / 00106419)


Pirates of the Caribbean

In July of 1966, New Orleans Square opened, taking visitors back to a re-imagined French Quarter, c. 1850s. A month later, the park opened the Pirates of the Caribbean, designed to be the park’s longest attraction ride.

In February of that year, Walt Disney held a press conference to show off a collection of newly created pirate heads at his WED Enterprises, Inc., factory in Glendale, California. (LAPL 00106410)

Did you know?

In 1966, Disneyland’s general admission prices were $2.50 for adults, $2.00 for teens 12-17, and .75 cents for children. However, that only got you into the park.

Disneyland encouraged tourists to buy ticket books if they wanted to visit attractions. The deluxe book offering 15 rides were sold at the following prices: $5.50 for adults, $5 for teens 12-17, and $4.50 for children.

Too expensive? No problem. The park had a 10-ride ticket book that cost $4.50 for adults; $4 for teens 12-17, and $3.50 for children.

Disneyland also sold attraction tickets individually.

Guided tours of the theme park also required a separate fee. Adults were charged $5.50 and children cost $3.50.


Big Bad Wolf Disneyland 1969

The Big Bad Wolf character, circa 1969.


1977 disneyland magic kingdom los angeles

Sleeping Beauty Castle, c. 1977.

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