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Dolores Del Rio – photos and quotes

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“I love the sun, the moon, and trees, and heavy scented flowers. And beautiful friends about me. I hate intolerance and blundering stupidity. And those who are ridden in fear. I have had much laughter and much success. And many tears and dark sorrow. Now, gently, a philosophy has tempered all these things for me.”Dolores Del Rio

Photographer: George Hoyningen-Huene in 1930


Dolores Del Rio 1926“I nevah have Eenglish boook in my hands. The cast and cameramen help me on my Eenglish. I learn first theeng slang and bad words.”Dolores Del Rio

Source (and spelling): Mayme Ober Peak (1928)

Photo: What Price Glory (1927)


What Price Glory 1927 Dolores del Rio

What Price Glory (1927). With Victor McLaglen and Edmund Lowe.


Dolores del Rio (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“I was mostly afraid of the confusion around me, when I started. All the lights, the bustle, the shouted directions, the crank of the camera – everything confused me. Once when Mr. Carewe was directing me and cried, ‘Look around!’ I looked right at him, forgetting the camera, and asked, ‘You mean me?’ Imagine that, with the camera grinding all the time! I thought that would end my screen career, but Mr. Carewe understood how I felt, and the scene was retaken. Then, once I tripped over a wire, and hurt my knees. But I have acquired the studio air now, and get around easily.”Dolores del Rio


Dolores Del Rio Revenge 1928

With LeRoy Mason in Revenge (1928).

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Revenge (1928)

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Revenge (1928)

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DOlores Del Rio

“I will make my life. I will carve it with care. I will get all I can out of it, every joy, all the laughter, all the beauty. The world is so full of beautiful things.”Dolores Del Rio

Source: H.H. Niemeyer (1935)


Dolores Del Rio

“Poor Eddie [Carewe]. It is silly to say that he contributed to my success. It was myself. Nobody has helped me. I am an actress. I will go to higher places even. Nothing can stop me.”Dolores Del Rio

Source: Florebel Muir (1930)

Photographer: Russell Ball


Dolores del Rio

“All my life, what I have had wished I have had by thinking. So I think hard.”Dolores Del Rio in 1927.

The quote is in reference to her desire to come to Hollywood, despite protests from her parents and husband.

Source: Alice L. Tildesley


Dolores del Rio Ramona 1928

Ramona (1928)


Dolores del Rio

“Take care of your inner beauty, your spiritual beauty, and it reflects in your face. We have the face we created over the years. Every bad deed, every bad fault will show on your face.”Dolores Del Rio


The Bad One Dolores del Rio Edmund Lowe

The Bad One (1930). With Edmund Lowe.


Dolores del Rio's Enchiladas Recipe Edmund LoweDolores Del Rio‘s Enchiladas Recipe

2 small cans of green “chiles” (Ortega)
1 pint of sour cream
1 pound fresh tomatoes
1 onion (medium size)
1 dozen tortillas
4 asaderos (Mexican cheese)

Scald tomatoes and peel. Cut onions fine, fry them in lard, then add tomatoes and mix, then cut chiles fine, too, and add, then season with salt and add asaderos, until it begins to melt; remove from fire.

Fry tortillas, one by one, in lard, leave them soft. Place tortillas on plate and put in the center of each one a mixture of tomatoes, onions, cheese and chiles, roll each one and cover them with sour cream. Serve immediately.


Dolores del Rio“I eat anything and everything I want but in moderation. I don’t believe in killing diets or over-exercising. I try not to get too exhausted. I sleep just eight hours a day.”Dolores Del Rio

Source: Joe Hyams (1964)


Sandra Shaw and Dolores Del Rio in 1932 (Bizarre Los Angeles)FILM CONTRACTS APPROVED
Screen Star Aunt Accompanies Girl

Los Angeles Times, August 20, 1932 — Miss Sandra Shaw, slender nice of Cedric Gibbons, motion-picture art director, accompanied by her illustrious aunt, Dolores Del Rio, yesterday was ushered into the film world in Superior Judge Wood’s court, where her first contract with R-K-O was approved. 

Just 19 years of age, the young actress, whose real name is Veronica Balfe, took a court letter from her mother authorizing the appointment of Miss Del Rio as guardian and best friend of her daughter in the contract proceedings.

Under the contract, Miss Shaw will begin at the bottom at $50 a week and in time, if the options are taken up, will bank $1000 weekly….


Dolores del Rio 1934“Too many divorces for so small a town. But then you mustn’t forget that Hollywood is a hard place to be happy unless you’re so absorbed in your work that you haven’t time to get into mischief. I do believe what I say when I tell you that no married person should leave husband or wife alone in Hollywood. There’s too much temptation. Think of all the charming, intelligent people out there.”Dolores Del Rio

Source: Val Lewton in 1934


Dolores Del Rio

“The stars owe it to their public to dress as the public can dress. The public made us what we are, placed us on pedestals, made it possible for us to earn huge salaries. Certainly we must give them something in return, and giving correct styles is the very least we can do.”Dolores Del Rio

Source: Dan Thomas (1935)

Photo: Wonder Bar (1934)


Dolores Del Rio

“If you love what you are doing the heartbreaks and disappointment are bearable. I’ve dedicated my life to my career. For that reason I’ve never had children.”Dolores Del Rio

Source: Vernon Scott (1978)


Dolores Del Rio

“I love my native Mexico but I love Hollywood, too. It has brought me much happiness and yet, while here I have been miserably unhappy also. But through it all I have found myself, my work and my true destiny.”Dolores Del Rio

Source: H.H. Niemeyer (1935)

Photo: Elmer Fryer (1935)


Famous lips of 1935: Bette Davis, Ann Dvorak, Winifred Shaw, Glenda Farrell, Dolores Del Rio, Verree Teasdale, Marion Davies, Jean Muir, Josephine Hutchinson, Olivia de Havilland, Anita Louise, Patricia Ellis, Ruby Keeler, Joan Blondell, Margaret Lindsey and Kay Francis.


In Caliente (1935)

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Dolores del Rio

“The meanest thing one can do to an enemy is…do nothing. If you ignore an enemy long enough, who knows? He may become a friend in self-defense! No one likes to be ignored, you know.”Dolores Del Rio

Source: 1936.


Dolores del Rio 1937“I wouldn’t care to look flapperish all my life, because I think that real beauty comes with maturity, but if I can look 25 at 30, and 30 at 40, and 35 at 50, that would be my idea of happiness.  To my mind, nothing is more beautiful than a well-taken-care-of 35.  A woman has the mental and physical poise and grace that come only with worldly experience.”Dolores Del Rio in 1927.   Here she is in 1937 at age 32.


Dolores del Rio 1937

“Women are thrown so much with men in their jobs that they are copying men’s worst traits. Men slap girls on the back, paw them like pals, and the girls seem to like such liberties. Women smoke, drink and swear, and are intoxicated with their own freedom. But the woman who is able to rule the world is still feminine, mysterious and exquisite. Let a man feel that a woman needs his particular qualities, and he is willing to let her rule his destiny.”Dolores Del Rio

Source: Marjory Adams (1937)

Photo: Cedric Gibbons (1937)


Dolores del Rio“The secret of youth is work; keep busy and never be bored. Boredom is the only thing that ages you.”Dolores Del Rio




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