Edmund Lowe – photos and quotes

Edmund Lowe

“Imagine sitting in a room with other persons and seeing them talking and moving but hearing no sound. It would be ghostly. So will silent pictures be ghostly within a few months.”Edmund Lowe in 1929


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The Wizard Edmund Lowe 1927

The Wizard (1927)


What Price Glory 1927 Dolores del Rio

What Price Glory (1927). With Victor McLaglen and Dolores del Rio.


Edmund Lowe

“While I have enacted almost every conceivable type of part during my stage and screen career, I greatly prefer the so-called ‘hard-boiled’ ones. Most people have a streak of obstinacy or temper or vanity in their makeup, and the Ivory soap hero, 99 and 44-100 pure, seldom exists in real life.”Edmund Lowe

Source: 1930


The Bad One Dolores del Rio Edmund Lowe

The Bad One (1930). With Dolores del Rio.


The Cisco Kid 1931

The Cisco Kid (1931). With Warner Baxter and Conchita Montenegro.

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