LAPD – gambling raids – 1934

1934 Gambling Raids

On January 28, 1934, LAPD captain Hunter (left) and Asst. Captain Contreras led surprise gambling raids on three private nightclubs: the Old Colony Club, 1731 North Alta Loma Drive; the Clover Club, 8477 Sunset Boulevard; and Club La Boheme, 8614 Sunset Boulevard.

As part of their sting, four undercover cops worked as waiters inside each club. The waiters then used their influence to issue membership cards to six deputies dressed in formal attire. The deputies then “played various games about half an hour in each club…before announcing the places were being raided.”

The first raid took place at La Boheme with an officer stationed at the telephone to prevent anyone from calling. Officers then detained 80 people inside the club. They also confiscated a roulette wheel, a crap table, and a card table.

The deputies then rushed to the Colony Club, where “two fashionably gowned women fainted” during the raid. At the Colony Club, police “dismantled a roulette wheel, two crap tables, and two card tables.” LAPD also arrested seven dealers: Harry Rosen, Bob Gordon, Lee Marks, Joe Burroughs, Stanley McDonald, N. Rosenberg and Allan Fisher. They were later fined $100 per person.

Clover Club
The Clover Club, c. 1935. Los Angeles Public Library.

Lastly, came the Clover Club, where police arrested William Granlay, Sam Lewis and Jack Hillman.

The Los Angeles Times reported that quite a few motion-picture celebrities were at the Colony and Clover Clubs during the raids. However, none of them were not arrested.

After the three raids, officers drove to a club at 1528 Whittier Boulevard to break up an early morning gathering of laborers.

Information: Los Angeles Times, “Squads Raid Three Clubs,” January 29, 1934, and “Hollywood Gambling Devises Seized,” January 30, 1934.

Photo: LAPL / 00039604

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