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Jayne Mansfield – Photos and Quotes

Jayne Mansfield

“Mother always urged me to ‘amount to something,’ and my father had terrific drive. But their drive was nothing like mine…mine is a built-in drive to success. If you don’t have it, physically, it doesn’t matter. What counts is stick-to-itiveness, drive. It’s 20% talent…and 80% determination.”Jayne Mansfield

Source: Paul Denis (1957)
Photographer: Peter Gowland


Jayne Mansfield 1955

“I always knew someday I’d be just as big as Shirley Temple. She was my ideal. From the moment I saw her movies, I knew I was going to be a big star, too.”Jayne Mansfield

Source: Olga Curtis (1956)

Photo: 1955


Jayne Mansfield

“I run on a publicity schedule, like a train. The boys line up something, tell me where to go and what to wear, and I go. Then I go someplace else and pose again. I make speeches, commentate fashion shows, anything. I think the only thing I ever turned down was a chance to be Miss Roquefort Cheese, ’cause it didn’t sound right.”Jayne Mansfield

Source: Olga Curtis (1956)


Jayne Mansfield

“Put it this way. Maybe you can call me a star right now. But I want to be a big star.”Jayne Mansfield

Source: Olga Curtis (1956)

Photo: 1956


Jayne Mansfield

“I am blonde and I’m not dumb.”Jayne Mansfield

Source: George McKinnon (1957)

Photo: Wallace Seawell (1957)


“I was colorful even before I landed in show business. In fact, my only problem is being TOO colorful.” – Jayne Mansfield in 1956. (Bizarre Los Angeles)“I was colorful even before I landed in show business. In fact, my only problem is being TOO colorful.” – Jayne Mansfield in 1956.


American film actor and sex symbol Jayne Mansfield (1933 - 1967) lounges on an inflatable raft in a swimming pool surrounded by bottles shaped like bikini-clad versions of herself, Los Angeles, California, 1957. The bottles were manufactured by "Poynter Products, Inc." out of Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Allan Grant)
Photographer: Allan Grant

Jayne Mansfield Water Bottle



Jayne Mansfield water bottles, manufactured by Poynter Products, Inc., c. 1957.


Mamie Van Doren Jayn Mansfield

“I worked with Jayne but I wasn’t particularly fond of her. She was a caricature of herself. I felt for her, because she did drink quite a bit and, when I’d see her at a party, she looked as if she was always having fun, but underneath it all she wasn’t.”Mamie Van Doren

Source: 1987

Photo: With Mamie Van DorenRay Anthony and  Mickey Hargitay.



Jayne Mansfield

“Nothing risqué, nothing gained.”Jayne Mansfield


Jayne Mansfield Dream Pools 1959


The Van Nuys News, March 29, 1959


The formation of a new swimming pool company, Jayne Mansfield Dream Pools Inc., had been announced to day by the executive vice president M.J. McConnell, owner of Inglewood Thrift and Loan. 


The newest Jayne Mansfield Dream Pool showroom will open today at 6120 Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys. Miss Mansfield will be at the opening and will autograph pictures for visitors, McConnell said. 


The California corporation has appointed Miss Mansfield, president, and Mickey Hargitay, vice president in charge of national distribution.


The company will build complete excavated pools from $1495 to a higher priced “Sweetheart Line” of custom styled rock pools, McConnell said….


Jayne Mansfield‘s Dream Pools company flopped. She had licensed her name to an existing swimming pool company. However, by June of 1959, the company had already dropped her name and started selling Dream Pools without her. By 1960, the existing company began selling Roman Pools.

Photo: George Brich (1959)


Jayne Mansfield 1960

“I realize I never would have gotten anywhere without cheesecake, so I don’t see anything wrong with continuing to pose for cheesecake pictures. I became famous for being a glamor girl and a glamor girl I intend to stay.”Jayne Mansfield

Photo: 1960



Jayne Mansfield“The Playboy photographer visited the set of my movie, ‘Promises, Promises,’ on a day we were taking routine ‘stills’ as part of the movie’s publicity. The pictures were supposed to be used in the European campaign. I had no idea they would appear in a magazine in this country.” — Jayne Mansfield

Source: Jack Major (1963)



Jayne Mansfield Marie

“Right now the children think of me only as their mother, not as a movie star or glamor girl. When they grow up, I’m sure they’ll understand why I’ve lived as I have.”Jayne Mansfield

Source: Jack Major (1963)

Photo: With daughter Marie.


Jayne Mansfield

“Nudity doesn’t mix well with motherhood…I’m the mother of three children and hope to be the mother of seven more and it would rub me the wrong way if somebody embarrassed my little boy by saying, ‘I saw a picture of your mother without any clothes on.'”Jayne Mansfield

Quote: 1963

Photo: Peter Basch (1965)


Jayne Mansfield“At the end, she was quite sad. She let herself go and she was having serious problems with the age thing; her popularity was declining.”Mamie Van Doren 

Source: 1987

Photo:  With Sol Weinstein, author of a James Bond spy parody Matzohball. Photo taken at Harlow’s, a New York discotheque.






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